Booking – Cromwell Pool

How to book online

  • Select the number of days you would like to book in 48 hour blocks by clicking on the start/arrival day and then the day you plan to leave on the calendar (Blocks of even numbered days should be highlighted no splitting into odd numbered quantity of days). Longer stays can be booked minimum stay 48 hours.
  • Fill out the contact information form ensuring you give us your correct details.
  • Check the terms and conditions tick box ensuring you have read the full terms and conditions. You can read these by clicking on the text.
  • Click book now, this will take to the trusted Paypal payment system. If you do not have a Paypal account do not worry, you can still pay via Paypal by scrolling down and clicking on the ‘Checkout as guest’ option below to Paypal login box.

Booking FAQ’s

No children under the age of 16 allowed on site.

If there’s 2 anglers occupying the pool you can use a maximum of 2 rods each. If there is 1 angler you can use a maximum of 3 rods.

All tickets start at 12 noon, arrival time from 11am onwards, you are welcome to arrive up to 7pm although you will forefit a number of hours.

Tickets durations commence with a minimum stay of 48 hours all the way up to 6 nights.

Departure time is 9:30am on your day of departure.

We provide all mats, nets, slings and water bucket, your not allowed to bring your own due to fish health and safety..

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