Lake history

The land was firstly excavated in the 1940’s to create a 5 acre lake for use by Ossington aerodrome, in 1961 gravel was extracted to build the A1 forming a much larger water, for the next 30 years it was stocked and run as a trout fishery with fly fishing from bank and boat. It was changed into a carp fishery in the early 1990’s, then in 2002 Karen and Gary Cox transformed the fishery into the well known venue it is today by planting all species of trees and shrubs, building and improving pegs and introducing a continual stocking programme.

In December 2010, Nathan and myself took over the fishery and we have spent considerable time and money improving the onsite facilities, this progression of development will carry on well into next year.

At Cromwell we take pride in our beautiful lake and grounds, so it is very important to us that the angler respects this environment, please refrain from dropping litter and cigarette ends, on the grass and especially in your pegs, please clean your peg after use, black bags are available in lodge if required.

Please be courteous towards other anglers with casting, baitboats and noise. Drugs are not permitted on site, alcohol is allowed in moderation.