Hints and tips


  1. ‘WATERCRAFT’. We stress that you take the time out to walk round the lake on the morning of arrival. Use your eyes to read the water and pick up on signs, pay attention to weather conditions, look out for showing fish, fly hatches and so on. Choosing the right swim is a vital.
  2. ‘PRESENTATION’. With the lake being a mature gravel pit, the lakebed varies massively. You’ll find weed, silt and gravel present and choosing the right presentation is very important. We recommend you come prepared with a few of your favourite methods to cover all options, although a good all-rounder and one that has been used to great effect is the solid bag.
  3. ‘FLOUROS’. Hi viz hookbaits have been a winner for many years, a personal favourite of ours is the Pineapple and N-butyrics. Whether you choose to use them as singles, put them in bags or use them over bait, they seem hard to resist.
  4. ‘STAY ACTIVE’. Sometimes if it’s just not happening then you’ve got to make it happen. We have a good stock of carp and there’s always an opportunity to be had. Work your swim leaving no stone unturned. Whether it be casting to showing fish, a change of hook bait, a little and often baiting approach. Put in the effort!
  5. ‘UPPER LAYERS’. Zigs and floater can be a great tactic and can’t be ignored. For the little space the kit takes up, it’s definitely worth having both in your armoury. They might just get you that extra bite.