Hints and tips

Cromwell’s top 6

1. Don’t be shy to introduce a generous amount of boilie our fish love them, they are regularly fed by ourselves and anglers in large quantities and this can result in multiple hits.

2. Cromwell is Rich in features such as Gravel Bars, Silt, Sand and weed, a Marker Rod is recommended to find the feeding spots and to gain good presentation.

3. Good presentation helps, some of our favorites are, Chod rigs, stiff hinges, snowmen, KD rigs, and zigs.

4. Try a change, single hook baits accompanied with fluros, especially yellows, can prove an edge on this pressured water.

5. Our fish like most others spend a lot of time in the layers, so get on the ever productive zigs they catch well all year around, Black and yellow work well.

6. Location, always keep a look out for showing fish, or ask our bailiff to point you in the right direction, find em, feed em, catch em!