Opening times
March to October 8am until 8pm – November to February 8am until 6pm.

Can I bring my children?
Under 16’s are permitted on the Cromwell pool supervised with an adult, No under 16’s allowed on Cromwell lake.

What baits do you recommend?
Any good quality boilie, the sticky baits range is very popular and can be purchased onsite. Pellet, Particle and corn also prove productive.

Can I book?
Yes you can book a on Cromwell Lake here & book Cromwell Pool exclusively here.

Is there much weed?
We do have a variety of weed in the warmer months, Although the weed is moderate with lots of areas to be found with little effort.

Rigs and tactics
There are lots of features, so a marker rod is a must to get you on those spots, Various Rigs work well, choosing the right rig for the right area is a must. Solid bags are a great all round rig. Critically balanced pop ups, Ronnie and KD rigs are very popular and produce consistently, don’t forget your Zig rigs, they can prove very productive in the right conditions.

We have around 50 wells catfish in the lake so do not be disappointed if you blank, Most are well over 40lb with at least two over 100lb+ barrier, 20mm halibut pellets do the business, No dead baits, please bring correct equipment.

Can I use braid for spod and marker?
Yes you can use for the above, But NO braided mainline to be used when fishing, hook lengths are also fine.

Do we pay on the bank?
Please see bailiff in the lodge before fishing.