Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read the rules thoroughly prior to booking as failure to comply will result in the angler/s being asked to leave the fishery immediately.

  • All reservations should be made via the online booking system on the Cromwell lakes Fishery website.
  • All bookings and reservations are subject to approval by the fishery management.
  • All bookings are required to pay 50% Deposit via our online booking system. The balance will be paid upon arrival.
  • During busy periods the point swims may not be available to single anglers.
  • No children under 16 allowed on the Cromwell lake.
  • Should you have to cancel a booking, you should contact us immediately please on 07816 243023
  • CHANGES – All changes of date must be made NO LATER than 7 days before your arrival booking date, otherwise deposit payment will be lost and not refundable.
  • CANCELLATIONS – Refunds will be given if the cancellation is made 4 WEEKS before your arrival booking date. (Special circumstances maybe considered by Management but we cannot guarantee approval and Documents maybe required to support your cancellation request).
  • Your booking allows fishing from 9.00 on first day of arrival until 9.00 on day of departure. The lead angler (person completing the booking process) is responsible for ensuring all of the group understand the rules prior to booking. He/she is also responsible for ensuring a completed catch return is submitted via email to along with pictures of all 30lb + captures.